Sunday, August 2, 2009

More thinking about the ceremony...

So, T and I were laying in bed yesterday morning talking. I mentioned that our car insurance will go down when we get married because we'll have two people on the same account paying only one un-insured motorist fee. And then we started talking about how when we get married I'll be able to get on his health insurance for a silly low price of, like, $40 a month. And then we started talking about how it would be good if I could get on that in January when, we imagine, I'll be looking for a job and won't have my own. So then he said that maybe we could "officially" get married in January and have a ceremony and reception later.

And then I thought, or, maybe we could just have a really stinking small wedding and be done with this stress. As we talked about it, it sounded so simple and nice. We'd just go up to the mountains sometime this fall, maybe when the leaves are changing and bring our families and just get married. No friends, just our family. We could have a picnic and go to a nice dinner afterward. Then, we could have a party for friends the next day, or the next week. Simple.

There's something I really like about this. I've been pulling my hair our trying to find an appropriate place for the 100 people we'd expect. It is just too many to deal with. And there is something that just doesn't feel right about having such a large wedding. It doesn't feel like us.

And this tiny tiny wedding does except that means that I wouldn't be involving my best friends who in a lot of ways are like sisters to me, and I don't know how that would be... or, maybe I make up jobs for the three that I really want there :).

But then telling other people that they aren't invited would kind of suck. I don't really want to do that. Not very many people would mind, I don't think. They'd get over it, but it would still suck.

And the other thing to think about is that this would be coming up rather quickly... like the first or second week of October. That is really soon. And I have school going on then. And I just don't know how it would be to get stuff together that quickly-- it's not much, really. I'd just want to find a dress I like. But how will it feel to be doing that and school? Will I be able to write a thesis during that time too, or should I just do comps instead. The comps option sounds pretty good at the moment because I think it would be less work and I'm not inspired by my thesis at the moment at all. On the other hand, will I be sad that I didn't do the thesis when I had the chance? Will I feel like I took the lazy way out?

Is this something I want to rush into? Isn't there some amount of "getting acclimated" that needs to happen? I mean, I'm getting MARRIED for goodness sakes. I'm entering into a legal contract with someone and I don't even know all the rules. Stuff to think about...

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