Sunday, November 1, 2009


I kind of like this custom dress from Amanda Archer. More here.

I think I mostly like the skirt. The length, the not-too-poufiness.

But, I'm not sure that I want a strapless dress, and I think I'd like the waist to be a bit higher.

I really like the top of this dress, also from Amanda Archer (more here):
I really like the way the bodice cris-crosses. I think I'd like two straps, however. I bet that could be done.

So maybe I'd like the top of the bottom dress on the bottom of the top dress. Yep.

Oh, and here's another completely different option, fro Wai-Chin in the colors I decided I like:

This would just be completely different, but also kinda fun. Green and purple. I like it.

I started looking at wedding dresses online from factory stores the other day and they all just look oppressive. So long and heavy and bulky and uncomfortable. And not even very pretty. What the heck?

So, maybe a custom artsy designer might be the way to go. I'm gonna look into it.

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