Sunday, January 10, 2010

Totebags for out-of-town guests

(Picture from Ruffled which has a great how-to for the stencil)

I've been thinking about how I would really like to make my own tote bags for out-of-town guests that could theoretically be used again instead of the paper bags you get at the store. I'm pretty sure a craft paper bag at Micheal's costs about $0.50... these cotton totes are less than $1 which is pretty good. If I'm feeling crafty, I can put a stencil on them. If I'm not, that's fine too.

Some things I want to put in ours:
-a map of the area (is a printed-off Google map good enough)
-a nice welcome
-a list of good places to eat, drink, wander, enjoy in Denver and the surrounding areas
- a couple water bottles.... I wish that we could offer them some that were reusable for an affordable price
-snacks (what would be good here? Nuts? Dried fruit? Chocolate?)
-what else?

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