Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Por mi madre

My mom and I went shopping today for the dress she'll wear to the wedding. She's having foot surgery in March and will likely be incapacitated until May so she wanted to get this out of the way and not stress about it. Dillards had the absolute best selection of dresses for her to try on in the store compared to the other department stores we visited (Nordstrom & Macy's). And, to her (and my) great delight we actually found quite a few good selections. She sort of had an idea of what she wanted in her head, so I took it upon myself to pick up things that were not part of that vision but that I thought might look good on her. To her (and my) surprise, she decided that this dress was her favorite, and I have to agree. It does look a bit different on her-- mainly because she is 5' 4" and so the hem falls below her knees which was a requirement for her. Also a requirement (despite the fact I think she looks great) a jacket that she can wear to cover her arms and back.

The cut of this dress makes her look very sophisticated and classy and I'm really proud of her for trying it on! Especially with all the other "Mother of the Bride" dresses out there that end up being rather dowdy, I think this dress makes her look pretty and hot. The color is fine... I would have preferred something a little more subdued, but I'm happy if she's happy and we can make it work. The colors of people's dressed do not dictate the meaning of the day.

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