Saturday, April 17, 2010

I feel like I've clocked the Wedding Monster in the snout. I'm going to have our wedding guests help me make my bouquet. Every time I look at pictures of wedding bouquets, they make me feel strangled because the flowers are cinched together in an unnatural state of rigidity "with a piece of satin matching your dress." Gag.

I ordered one for myself, but haven't felt settled about it because I don't really like the way they look and they don't reflect the loosey-gooseyness and joy that I want to feel that day. Plus, hello, they are extremely expensive. I'm still going to have the florist create the succulent boutonnieres for the guys, and I think I'll have her make a succulent "stock" on which to start my bouquet. We'll have enough flowers that we can put together some for the pictures before the ceremony. And we can put together some bouquets for the my Posse as well. This feels good and I'm excited for it.

This is what wedding planning SHOULD be. Finding the things that make me giddy with joy when I think about it, instead of unquestionably following some pattern. I love this.

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