Thursday, April 8, 2010


It has been full blast of getting sh*t done around these parts and it feels really good. Exciting, even. The big pain in the ass stuff is finally getting cleared off and I'm left to do the fun crafty things that I actually *like* doing. Like our invitations.

We ordered our invitations, printed, from VoHandmade on Etsy. She was really easy to work with and has some fun designs. For people trying to save a buck, she also does offer a "print at home" option for $50 which is pretty dang reasonable if you want to spend the time to do it.

I also bought the cutest hand-carved bird stamp from Corrabelle on Etsy (without the date.)

I wrapped some craft-paper ribbon around each invitation, then stamped the band using white ink, and then wrote the invitees first names on the ribbon above the birds. I think it came out looking pretty sweet and added a personal touch to them without a lot of expense. (Time, yes, but expense, not so much. The ribbon was $4, the stamp was $28 and the ink was $7).

  We also included a reception card and an invite to the "welcome fiesta" that I printed at Kinkos (and was not thrilled with the quality), as well as a reminder of our wedding website that I printed at home on craft paper and then stamped with one of the birds using a green opaque ink.

I had addressed them in a mix of script and block lettering. I think it looked just fine. I could have done calligraphy, but it would have taken a lot longer and also looked kinda sh*tty, so this was a good compromise. And, of course we used the "Love" stamps. I'm too lazy for vintage, but I still want them to look nice.

*All photos by me*

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