Saturday, August 14, 2010

My posse


I chose to call my dear friends who participated in the wedding my Wedding Posse. The were so awesome, I can hardly stand it. I didn't dictate what dress they should wear, but gave them some suggestions of colors I thought would look nice together. I think the colors turned out well, but I think what was really nice was for them to be able to pick out dresses they knew they would feel good in. 

What I think this freedom also gave them, though, was a bit of stress because some people had a hard time finding a dress they liked in the colors I suggested. And a number of them bought 2-3 dresses and then decided what to wear at the last minute. That's cool with me, but I did wonder if I should have just dictated it and taken some of that stress away from them. No matter, I think that their faces say it all. I love these ladies.


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