Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pie Day

The supplies // Photo by me

So, from the time we got engaged, I knew I wanted pie, in some form, at our wedding. And what I really wanted would be for our friends and family to make us pies. Our friends have a tradition of "Culinary" dinners (really just glorified pot-lucks) and so I wanted to make an ode to that tradition at the wedding without a full-on potluck wedding (which I didn't think my planner-nature could handle.) My family also has "Pie-night" during family reunions during which we end up, generally, with more pies than people and very full stomachs.

My dad and my dear friend peeling apples // Photo by me

Because so many of my family members were coming in from out of town, my mother opened up her house for a "pie-day" so that all the out-of-town family members could make a pie for the wedding. It worked out wonderfully. They sent me their recipes ahead of time so that I could know what ingredients we needed to pick up. Then, on the day of the pie-making, my friend and I went shopping for massive amounts of berries, butter and sugar. Working together we all managed to get 8 pies made and baked in a little under 3 hours and then even had time for lunch.

Labels I made using this Martha Stewart template // Photo by me

What made this so great, though, wasn't just being able to have home-made pies at the wedding, but the emergent family-reunion feel we all got to experience through the pie-day activities. Not all the family members made a pie, but everyone did end up being around the house for lunch and it felt just like gathering at Grandma's house in Indiana.

Family pies! // Photo by me

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