Monday, August 9, 2010

Recaps begin: The no-presents, just music wedding shower, with aura photographs

I think I forgot to tell you about our amazing wedding shower (yes, of course it was co-ed) that T's parents threw for us.

It would be worthy enough to talk about when you realize that they cooked Greek food for about 40 people. Delicious Greek food to honor the side of T's and his mom's family that are Greek.

Wedding Shower

But, they also hired an aura photographer to come to the party and photograph everyone's auras. If it is in your budget at some time in your life, I highly recommend inviting an aura photographer to come to a party. This was such a wonderful way for people who may not already know each other to interact. Even the people that thought the auras were bunk had fun comparing things and comparing notes about why they thought it wasn't true. For the people that thought it wasn't bunk, there was just as much to talk about. Everyone had a great time.

Wedding Shower
Wedding Shower

And, T and I asked for no gifts. We didn't need much stuff and didn't want our closest friends to feel like they had to buy us gifts to come to the party. With the recession and tight wallets everywhere, we just wanted to be able to spend time with our friends. Instead, we asked all our friends to burn us some CD's of music they wanted to hear at the wedding. The work our friends put into these simple gifts was unbelievable. There were inside jokes, concert remembrances, long-lost pictures and just some really good music throughout. After the party, T and I spent weeks listening to all the music and deciding what should go on the wedding mix.

It was glorious.

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