Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reuasable bags for out-of-towners

We wanted to give our guests from out of town a little something to thank them for coming in for the Memorial Weekend to spend time with us. And, we knew that we'd be busier than normal and wanted to show off our cute little city. So, we got some very cheap canvas bags ($0.59 ea) from Cheaptotes.com, and a cute stamp from Hobby Lobby. And I used green acrylic paint to stamp the design onto the bags. If you aren't unemployed while you're planning your wedding, maybe this is a step you could skip. But if you have some time, it does make it a little bit special.

What I really liked was seeing my family members using the little bags to haul stuff between my parent's house and their hotel the day after they got them. It was easy and a much "greener" (but not more expensive) choice than using gift bags for these things.

Inside the bags, we also included some water, some granola bars, a little chocolate, and a guide to Denver that I'll talk about tomorrow!

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