Friday, August 13, 2010

Tips for a Potluck Pie Wedding

Pie Table // Photo by  Lindsay J. C. Lack
  1. Talk to you caterer and venue to make sure they're okay with outside desserts. 
  2. Ask your friends for help at least a month in advance. Be specific about what you want (we wanted home-made, not store-bought), and allow people to say no (don't make it an obligation.) If I were doing it again, I'd specify no cream pies so we wouldn't have to worry about spoilage.
  3. If you want to, provide a place for out-of-towners to make pies the day before. (We used my parent's kitchen.) 
    • If you are doing this, make sure to get recipes ahead of time so you know what ingredients to buy, visit thrift stores in advance to find some extra inexpensive pie pans, and make sure you have enough utensils on hand. 
    • Also, if you are doing this recruit someone to deliver the pies for you to the reception site. 
  4. Ask the pie-makers to commit to a pie 1-2 weeks ahead of the wedding so that you can make labels. I used this Martha Stewart template and the font (from Dafont) called Dutch & Harley. I set the labels out on the pie table for people to find the right one when they brought their pie in.
  5. Ask your caterer/venue about their pie serving utensils. If they don't have any or many, you may want to provide those as well. (We ended up using knives which wasn't the end of the world, but also not the best thing in the world either.)
  6. Roll with it and have fun! 
Loving the Pie! // Photo by  Lindsay J. C. Lack

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  1. Thanks for these tips. Will surely use them in my party at one of Chicago venues. Have already hired best catering service for the day. Will ask them to prepare this pies recipe too. Surely everyone will love it. Very excited for the day.